Please go to the link below for more information on the Futures Tryout program:



  • Only trade intraday - no overnight holds (meaning you cannot hold positions into the exchange reset period, or hold positions into consistently illiquid periods such as many grains markets exhibit.)
  • Only trade from this list of futures markets: 
  • US Markets: 6A, 6B, 6E, 6N, 6J, 6S, CL, E7, ES, GC, GE, GF, HE, HG, HO, LE, NG, NQ, PL, QI, QG, QM, QO, RB, RTY, SI, UB, YM, ZB, ZC, ZF, ZL, ZM, ZN, ZS, ZT, ZW
  • EUREX Markets: FDAX, FDXM, FGBL (Note: $100/month additional fee for EUREX trading)
  • Take as long as you need, but trade a minimum of 15 trading days. Only days you trade count as a trading day. 
  • Never violate the Daily Loss Limit of $1,000 (based on Net P/L, which includes commissions). This means you should set your own daily loss limit you want to stick with. That limit should not be close to -$1,000 as that would result in a failed Tryout. Show us you can manage risk, and eventually our capital, responsibly.
  • Achieve a profit target of $5,000
  • Do not hit the Maximum Draw Down of $3,000 from the starting balance
  • Put in the work. For each day traded you must have done a premarket prep, as well as a postmarket review. Just submit these into the Tradervue account Journal we provide you with. No required format- shows us your process.
  • No single day P/L can account for more than 75% of your overall P/L when being considered for funding

Additional Details

  • There are no time limits for the Tryout. Take your time, manage risk, trade your plan. Your monthly Tryout subscription will continue to renew every 30-days.
  • Position limits can be customized upon approval, but are set by default to 6 lots total across any products. We feel that most everyone should be trading smaller than a 6 lot for a $1,000 daily loss limit. If you're doing spreads or something else, just reach out.
  • Commissions are set to $2.00/side (paper money) in order to give a reasonable estimate of normal trading fees for net P/L
  • If you cancel your Tryout, then sign back up within 6 months, your account balance will be exactly as you left it when cancelled. Any account lock due to a risk rule violation will also still be active. You will be required to pay the account reset fee if you want a fresh account balance and unlocked account.
  • Under no circumstances will refunds be given, make sure to read and understand all rules, terms, and conditions before signing up.


  • Sierra Chart, TT (additional cost), NinjaTrader, R-Trader Pro, MultiCharts, BookMap, Investor RT (Note we provide you with R-Trader Pro. If you want to use any of the other platforms listed, you are required to get them yourself.)

  • Note: Automated systems will require special approval prior to funding